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His legend

Cue Card Dave is a beloved character, spawned from the depths of 16's abyss to provide enchanted images of our lord and savior, Nicholas Cage. He is well known for his glorious Nick Cage drawings and unleashing this satisfactory hell of Nicolas Cage art upon the internet. When the time comes for us to rise up from the peasantry and usurp the throne for our lord, on the day that Nicholas Cage will sit upon a throne of bees and canoes, everyone will thank Dave for inspiring a people to unite and rebel for our glorious leader.

Cue Card Dave has taken a leave of absence in recent times, and has stopped his drawings of Nicholas Cage for the time being. We as a fan base seek to restore Dave's muse, and return us to the golden age of beautiful Cagery.

Some of the masterpieces have even inspired Philip Caldero to dream of the vivid imagery that Dave has so dutifully provided, a true node of proof that this god-like being has the talent of any proper Cage.

Dave's home life

David lives inside of a closet, and he hasn't come out of said closet in some time. It is where he collects his various drawing and many depictions of what he dreams, and shows the fanbase that we, maybe, just maybe, can one day be as strange as him.

David eats M&M's off of the carpet in the closet because he lives inside of Phil's closet, and Phil forgets to empty his pockets before placing them back in.The remainder of the food left in said pockets becomes Dave's dinner. This is the way that the majestic creature titled "Cue Card Dave" survives.

And you may be wondering, where does he go to the bathroom? On a palet my dear friend, how else does he make the drawings?

Cue card dave dreams of a time when he can finally leave the harsh abyss of Phil's closet, and finally live with his beloved paramour, Nicolas Cage, in a mansion where they both make the sweetest of love in a canoe under the moonlight, and paint naked pictures of each other. Quite a strange dream, but mayhaps someday, it might just happen for him.