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Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about his early life or even about him now, but he played an important role in Swaggalaggin lore, as he broke the space time continuum, making two different timelines.


  • He had a baby with Lyle, but Lyle refuses to accept the child as his own, so he does not pay child support for the baby.  The baby also has cerebral palsy.  So Druox gets a lot of tax breaks.
  • He can fit 22 inches in his butt, and so can everyone else, because your butt has 10 feet of space for things to be shoved up there.  Why not try yourself?
  • Druox has a genetic disorder where when his penis is filled with blood, it still stays flaccid.  He also has 3 testicles that when stroked properly explode and rants fall out.
  • Druox is the only human on Earth to have broken the "Fuckin' Frankie Loop"
  • Druox can also be used as an all purpose bunghole cleaner and stays true to the slogan "Will clean the gay right away"