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Season 1

This is a list of episodes that streamed live on Twitch.

  1. The Black Seed
  2. Virgin Boy Eggs
  3. Quantum Frankie
  4. Trapped in a Cage
  5. The Face of the Earth
  6. Niggots at Dawn
  7. What is your Profession?
  8. Phillin' the Bitch
  9. The Man with the Edible Diction
  10. The Lyle Phil Man-Date
  11. Sixteen
  12. Livin' Large
  13. Technical Diphilculties
  14. The Philbidden Fruit
  15. Psych Something with Phil in the Title
  16. Longer Barrel
  17. Phil-osophy
  18. Philatio
  19. No A-Phil-iation
  20. The Philage
  21. The Tom-Cast - Temporary Swaggalaggin

Season 2

This is a list of episodes that aired on Youtube.

  1. On The Snub Nose
  2. (Cut This Part Out) Philled to the Brim
  3. The Broadway Musical
  4. Philthy be thy Name

  5. Phillip's Head
  6. Dick Pretzel

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