What the fuck do you want

Early life

Lyle "Master of guitars, generation seven" McDouchebag's early life is relatively unknown at this time, as it is said that the few who know the full story of the the artist, the icon, the legend known once as "GMX7" speak nothing of it. Though his exact ethnicity is unknown at this time it is general consensus that he is somewhere between some sort of sex diety, and a variant of the well known "Puerto Rican", presumably the spicy sort. It is assumed that Lyle threatens these lucky few with an anal savaging, the likes of which neither gods nor men alike could dare imagine, if they were to disclose this information. Though it is clear that this talented individual had always had the gift of creation by his side, it was not until he joined the famed "Youtube", a site well known for the high quality of all it's videos, and the utter creativity of it's users, that the legend began. Though it is known that Lyle, then "GuitarmasterX7", joined this artist's haven on December 6th, in the fine year of 2006, it is inferred that it was presumably a cold winter morning, during which the sun and the moon rose simultaneously to note this wonderous occasion. And so began the tale of Lyle, yet the adventure as only just begun. 


Laggin' while swaggin'