Phillip Caldero is a unique man, well known for his famed discontent when being utterly face, his good guy smile, and his chubbiness, the same sort that Lyle has come to love with a passion. The majority of the viewers from the early podcasts believed him to be some sort of black, but repeated claims of Puerto Ricanism have crushed these rumors.

Phil's Child hood

when phil was little he enjoyed Nicolas cage movies so much that he became friends with Cue card dave and they would sit in Phils closet drawing pictures of nicolas cage.

Phil's Bitch

At some point phil met sharon and decided to occupy her. he has been occupying her now for a minimum of 3 months.


  • Phil loves sixteen the anti ranger who activated the void in his room.
  • Phil and lyle refuse to acknowledge the Twitch TV videos as they are on a different timeline.
  • Phil is actually a morman who also practices scientology and wishes he was Almish.
  • he is presumed by many to be a closet homosexual.