Swaggalaggin was originally a terrible idea created by the host Lyle McDouchebag and his life partner Phillip Calderon. It used to be on a shitty website where people stream there digital feces called there were in total 20 episodes (plus 1 episode that went up on Tom's channel) that will now be known as "The Live Arc" of the quote unquote "Show". The reason they moved their podcast onto Youtube is because YOUTUBE MON- Xsplict, a (quote) "Piece of shit program that needs to be burned in a fucking fire" caused them several problems and frusturated them to the point where they wanted to kill themselves.


Swaggalaggin soely exists to provide torture to only the most extreme sinners in hell. Some recipiants of this torture are Hitler, Mao and in the future Justin Bieber, Nicholas Cage and Dex.